Bon Parfumeur Eau de Parfum

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Developed by expert perfumers, in the capital of perfume, Grasse, France, Bon Parfumeur is a collection of modern scents that can be work singly or layered with one another. Affordably priced, they encourage the wearer to develop a "wardrobe" of fragrances for each season of the year. Each fragrance is named by the leading three scent notes along with the olfactive family of the perfume. Made in France. 1 fl. oz. 

001: Unisex cologne of orange blossom, petit grain, bergamot. Fresh & energizing.

101: Floral perfume of rose, sweet pea, patchouli. Carnal yet delicate.

301: Spicy perfume of amber, cardamom, sandalwood. Milky yet intense.

601: Woody perfume of vetiver, cedar, bergamot. Fresh & sensual.

602: Woody perfume of pepper, cedar, patchouli. Fresh & spicy.

701: Aromatic perfume of eucalyptus, amber, soft wood. Relaxing & warm. 

801: Citrus perfume of sea spray, cedar, grapefruit. Refreshing yet warm. 

901: Oriental perfume of nutmeg, almond, patchouli. Sensual for the nighttime.

902: Special perfume of blonde tobacco, soft vanilla, and armagnac brandy. Warm and spicy.