Eso Esto Ceramics


Portland designer Shannon Holt creates this line of handmade ceramics that manages to be both warmly rustic and elegant all at once. Each piece is wheel-thrown and finished with subtle, sophisticated glazes that highlight its form and contrast with the dark clay body. The designer typically explores various forms in multiples: drum shapes, bell shapes, cylinders. All work is guided by the allied attributes of form and function.

Design Origin Shannon Holt, USA
Dimensions 4.75"W x 8"H
Dimensions 4 5/8"H x 3"ø; opening 1 3/8"
Dimensions 6"L x 3 1/7"ø; opening 1 5/8"
Dimensions 3.5"ø x 6.75"H
Dimensions 3.75"ø x 3.5"H