• Jasmine Pearl Teas - Assam

Jasmine Pearl Teas - Assam

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We're proud to support local businesses, like Portland's Jasmine Pearl, who has  stayed true to their focus of importing and blending teas since 2002. Heather Agosta and Chuck Bauman were inspired while sipping tea in southern Spain, and it ignited their passion to bring this feeling and product back to Portland. Their teas are all hand blended in North Portland.

Assam: this organic black tea hails from India's Chota Tingrai Estate, in partnership with Mana Organics. Properly brewed Assam is famed for having delightfully malty, smooth characteristics, while exhibiting little astringency. This tea is a fantastic example of an Assamese tea. As an ideal breakfast tea, it can be enjoyed with or without milk and sweetener. 2.0 oz.

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