Bon Parfumeur Eau de Parfum


Developed by French perfumers, Bon Parfumeur is a collection of scents for people who want to mix and match their fragrances. Each fragrance is named by the main three scent notes along with the olfactive family of the perfume. Made in France. 1 oz.

Please note that due to federal regulations, we are only able to ship fragrances via UPS ground.  

001: Unisex cologne of orange blossom, petit grain, bergamot. Fresh & energizing.

101: Floral perfume of rose, sweet pea, patchouli. Carnal yet delicate.

301: Woody perfume of santal, amber, cardamom. Invigorating yet sensual.

601: Woody perfume of vetiver, cedar, bergamot. Fresh & sensual.

602: Woody perfume of pepper, cedar, patchouli. Fresh & spicy.

701: Aromatic perfume of eucalyptus, amber, soft wood. Relaxing & warm. 

801: Citrus perfume of sea spray, cedar, grapefruit. Refreshing yet warm. 

901: Oriental perfume of nutmeg, almond, patchouli. Sensual for the nighttime.