• D.S. & Durga - Grapefruit Generation

D.S. & Durga - Grapefruit Generation

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Grapefruit Generation is inspired by an inspired time. The sixties: a generational shift when something opened up for a bit and timeless ideas reemerged. Interest in Eastern poetry, Indian music, psychedelics, and outward exploration primed us for a shift towards inner exploration (whether or not it worked is up for debate!). One place to find some of this magic is in Yoko Ono’s Grapefruit, which invites the reader to perform rituals in terse Zen koan-like phrases. GG celebrates the exploration of a mythic Eastern garden where a quixotic freshness unfolds many layers of fruits, flowers, leaves, and musks.

Top notes of pomelo skin, elm leaf; heart notes of hawthorne flower and tuberose; base notes of cork, grapefruit and musk.

50 ml.