Kaikado Coffee Caddies - Whole Bean Coffee


Established in 1875 in Kyoto, Kaikado is a small, family run company that has been producing chazutsu (tea caddies) by hand since their inception. Elegantly functional, each cylindrical caddy is produced in a process that involves anywhere between 130 to 140 steps. The caddies are available in natural brass or copper and are intentionally left unlacquered. Over time and with use, the finishes will darken to a rich patina that is unique to each piece. The airtight design, complete with inner lid, maintains the freshness of fine coffee. Each coffee caddy comes with a handmade brass scoop. A very special item to use and enjoy every day, each caddy is hand stamped with the Kaikado emblem. 

Please note: all Sold Out caddies will be restocked in Autumn 2020. If you wish to be wait listed for this special item, please contact us at info@canoe.design.

Design Origin Japan