D.S. & Durga Fragrances


Brooklyn-based D.S. & Durga hand craft their unisex cologne in small batches, using premium raw materials to create intriguing and evocative fragrances. Drawing inspiration from such diverse sources as outdated herbal wisdom, native ritual  medicine, lore and legends, historical movements and Americana, the resulting fragrances offer a fresh viewpoint while avoiding clichés. 50mL.

Coriander: Sparkling leaf, cubeb, green pepper and cracked Ukrainian coriander seed. Cool spices & Mediterranean seabreeze—like the hills above Odessa. A fresh, uplifting green scent. Top notes of Russian coriander, pepper, juniper needles. Heart notes of geranium, clove stem, clary sage. Base notes of musk, magnolia, mace.

Bowmakers: Amid the transcendental woods of the 1800s, craftsmen from the Massachusetts Bay Colony built violins and bows. Old growth mahogany, burled maple shavings, amber pine rosin, aged walnut and unique secret varnishes.   

Cowboy Grass: American sagebrush, flowering white thyme and prairie switchgrass from the wild western territories. Perfect for robbing banks on horseback. An earthy and slightly smoky scent. Top notes of rosewood, wild thyme, bergamot. Heart notes of sagebrush, basil, rose otto. Base notes of vetiver, grass, ambergris.

Debaser: Invokes the wild shrill of Black Francis coming through the radio in the August heat. A fresh, green and fruity scent. Top notes of bergamot, green leaf, pear stem. Heart notes of fig, coconut milk, iris. Base notes of blond woods, Tonka bean, moss.

El Cosmico: The desert airs of Marfa, cosmic axis of West Texas. Creosote shrubs and sumac primed with Chihuahuan mesa woods—mesquite, oak, and pinyon pine. Top notes of desert shrubs, pinyon, and pepper. Heart noes of creosote and oak. Base notes of dry sand accord, khella, shrub wax.

Mississippi Medicine: Based on the rituals of the proto-Mississippian death cult of the 1200s. A masculine, smoky and woody scent. Top notes of red cedar, aldehydes, frankincense distillate. Heart notes of cypress root, black pine, cascarilla bark. Base notes of incense, Spanish cedar, and birch tar.

Radio Bombay: Transistor radio hewn of sandalwood radiates ragas in the Bandra heat. Hot copper tubes warm the soft wood, releasing blooms of musk, cream, peach, ambrette, coco. Top notes of radiant wood, copper, cedar. Heart notes of sandalwood, radiant iris, boronia. Base notes of balsam fir absolute, coconut musc, ambergris.

Rose Atlantic: Spritzers aboard the famous Salt Spray Rose. Sinatra's summer wind, dunegrass in the distance, rosehips, the white lighthouse. Top notes of bergamot, petals, lemon oil. Heart notes of linden, rose accord, dune grass. Base notes of muscone, salt water, white moss. 

Amber Teutonic: Mahler's hut, perched above the valley of Alpine fir, horn echoes in the primeval forest. A Nibelungen horde of precious emerald ambers. Top notes of alpine cedar, cardamom, green mandarin. Heart notes of geranium, European larch, templin cone. Base notes of Austrian pine, opoponax, musk. 

Notorious Oud: Sublime Indonesian oud with a worldwide perspective. Formulated in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn with North African papyrus, Afghani saffron, and Bulgarian rose.

Italian Citrus: A bracing cologne of coastal Italian citrus rinds-chinotto, blood orange, cold-pressed lemon and green mandarin with ambrette seed & clean musk.

Amber Kiso: A ritual in the holy Kiso forest: ceremonial katana unguent of rare woods, temple incense, leather bushi armor. Top notes of japanese cedar, incense, sawara cypress. Heart notes of asahi zuru maple, patchouli, iris. Base notes of hinoki, leather, treemoss.

St. Vetyver: Soft island grass, sunbaked citrus where the tradewinds blow. Panama hats, cane plants, and aged rhum over the finest Caribbean vetyver. Top notes of sour orange, pink pepper, and sea grass. Heart notes of cane, clove leaf, toquilla straw. Base notes of vetyver, breadnut, rhum agricole.

White Peacock Lily: A lone peacock floats over cream lilies, oleander, and a sea of alabaster violet. Top notes of oleander, cabreuva rouge, grapefruit pith. Heart notes of white lily cream, Egyptian jasmine, alabaster violet. Base notes of ambrette seed, vanilla.

Burning Barbershop: A fire broke out in the Curling Bros. barbershop in Westlake, N.Y. in 1891. All the shaving tonics with their spearmint, lime, vanilla and lavender burned. A charred bottle was found half-full. It smelled like this. Top notes of spearmint, lime, hemlock spruce. Heart notes of lavender absolute, turkish rose. Base notes of burnt oil, vanilla, hay.

Design Origin USA