Daddy Sam's Sauces


Yes, there really was a Daddy Sam. Sam Oglesby migrated from Virginia to West Texas in 1883, where he married and started a family. Everyone called him Daddy Sam. They ate a lot of barbecue. This award winning barbecue sauce was created on the Oglesby ranch and nurtured through the generations. The Original Bar-B-Que "sawce" is sweet and tangy with a hint of mesquite and just a little kick. The Ginger Jalapeño version adds the warm spiciness of ginger and a bit more heat, courtesy of jalapeño pepper. The Salmon & Seafood glaze combines ingredients of both versions, specially formulated for fish and seafood. All three recipes contain no high fructose corn syrup, MSG, gluten or anything artificial.
Design Origin USA
Ounces 19 oz.
Ounces 19 oz.
Ounces 11 oz.