• Donabe Pot

Donabe Pot


The donabe (clay pot in Japanese) is one of Japan's oldest cooking vessels, and it endures today for its ability to deliver simple and satisfying one-pot meals that compliment busy modern lifestyles. The traditional donabe is handmade from a special porous clay which heats rather slowly, but also stays hot for a long time.

Use it in the oven or directly on the cooktop for rice dishes, stews, traditional “hot pot” or brothy meals of any kind. Recipes for donabe cooking abound, but in Japanese households it often means simply combining rice with leftover bits of vegetables and meat for a comforting, homestyle dish. The gentle heat delivers a special quality to foods that cannot be achieved through metal cooking vessels.

The donabe typically goes straight from the kitchen to the table--the warm, golden yellow glaze of this version brightens any table setting. 10 cup capacity. Hand wash only. For use on gas cooktops only, not electric or induction.

Design Origin Japan
Dimensions 11.25" Ø x 5.5" H