Edwin Jagger Shaving Accessories


Based in England's "Cutlery Capital" of Sheffield, Edwin Jagger makes top quality, hand crafted shaving accessories in the classic British tradition. Impeccably designed and beautifully crafted, the razors and brushes make the daily task of shaving a pleasure.

Safety Razor: Combining top level craftsmanship with a classic double sided blade ensures a shave that is both luxurious and effective. Collar and blade head are hard chrome plated for durability, resilient shine, and easy cleaning. For use with standard two-sided razor blades; includes a single Feather brand blade.

Chrome Razor Stand: Hand made and hard chrome plated, this razor stand is a handsome and practical way to store and dry your razor. Fits all Edwin Jagger safety razors.

Ebony Shave Brush: Badger hair has been used for more than two centuries to make the finest shaving brushes. Rather than repelling water, the hair absorbs it to create a rich shaving lather with any good quality shaving cream or soap. This brush combines Best badger hair with a handsome ebony black body.

Travel Shave Brush: Housed in an anodized aluminum case, this travel shave brush is lightweight and rust-proof. Fast drying synthetic bristles are protected by the travel cover—which doubles as the handle when in use.

Design Origin England
Dimensions 3.66"L
Dimensions 3.9"H; Handle 1.8"H x 1.3"ø
Dimensions 3.66"L
Dimensions 2.67"L x 1.26"ø