Flameware Ceramic Cookware


Hand thrown and glazed in Portland, this striking ceramic cookware is made to withstand high heat and thermal shock. The home cook can move them from freezer to stovetop to tabletop without fear of damage. Created by a designer who has spent a lifetime in kitchens, both personally and professionally, they were inspired by traditional cooking vessels and recipes from around the globe. The pot names are merely points of departure: consider the pots appropriate for a wide repertoire of your favorite stews, braises and rice dishes. The lid of the Mussel Pot, when flipped over, doubles as a bowl for discarded shells.
Design Origin Michael Newsome, USA
Dimensions 10"H x 12.5"W; 10"ø; 4 Qt Capacity
Dimensions 13"W x 8"H; 12"ø; 3 Qt Capacity