Monstruosus Planter Collection


For some time now we've been searching for a ceramic planter to replace the classic Gainey Cylinder Planter, an icon of California mid century modernism which, sadly, is no longer in production. This new collection of modern planters fills the bill nicely, with bold, architecturally inspired shapes in matte black or matte white glazes. While their styling may call to mind the sunnier climes of Miami, Scottsdale, or Palm Springs, they are in fact responsibly made right here in misty Portland. Subtle variations in shape and surface give the planters a clean-lined, yet softened look. Ideal for accommodating houseplants indoors, they can also be used outdoors on a patio or deck. Like all ceramic planters they are not frost-proof--we recommend seasonal outdoor use only in colder areas. The planters come without a drainage hole--use them a cache pots (housing a separate nursery pot inside the planter). They can also be direct planted with a base layer of gravel added to aid in proper drainage.
Design Origin USA
Dimensions Cylinder: Small 10"H x 12"W, Medium 11.5"H x 14"W Beveled: Small 11"H x 12"W, Medium 13"H x 14.5"W