Nuori Face + Body


This innovative unisex skin care line takes a serious approach to product freshness and efficacy. Each face and body product has an ‘open by’ and ‘use by’ date to ensure tat the formula’s active naturals are at their peak, in order to deliver maximum results. Clean, natural formulas and simple usage protocols make this line fit easily into modern lifestyles. The attractive, high quality, Nordic styling of the product packaging is a plus.

Enriched Hand Lotion: A fresh, lightweight hand lotion to restore the skin’s moisture balance after cleansing. This natural formula nourishes skin with shea butter, olive squalane, grape seed oil, and sweet almond oil. Enriched with vitamin E and white tea extract for antioxidant protection. 10 oz.

Enriched Hand Wash: A refreshing hand wash formulated with gentle, plant-based cleansing agents and skin protecting glycerin. Enriched with white tea extract, a powerful antioxidant, and our custom-blend of natural essential oils. 10 oz.

Lip Treat: Treat your lips to NUORI’s delicious blend of natural hydrating wonders. Sweet almond and apricot oils work together with shea, avocado, and cocoa butter to nourish and soften dry, dehydrated lips. Berry and beeswax seal in moisture and keep lips protected. 15 ml. 

Perfecting Body Oil: A delicately scented, luxurious body oil, to deeply nourish and illuminate the skin. Carefully formulated to match skin’s natural lipid balance, the oil is easily absorbed, leaving the skin soft with a silky sheen. Organic rosehip oil regenerates the skin, and together with vitamin E, offers antioxidant protection. Grape seed, apricot kernel and avocado oils, naturally rich in essential fatty acids, replenish moisture levels and restore a healthy glow. 3.4 oz.

Perfecting Facial Oil: Formulated to match skin’s natural lipid balance, this oil is easily absorbed leaving skin smooth and supple. Organic rosehip oil and evening primrose oil, rich in Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, nourish and balance the skin while helping diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Grape seed and apricot kernel oils offer lightweight moisture and, together with vitamin E, provide antioxidant protection. 0.7 oz.

Supreme C Treatment: This freshly blended, intensive treatment helps repair prior skin damage caused by free radicals and offers powerful antioxidant protection for brighter, revived skin. A unique dispensing mechanism allows 100% pure vitamin C powder to be mixed into the serum immediately before the first application. At the press of a button the powder is released into the serum, bringing the formula to life while ensuring peak efficacy of the ingredients. 10 ml., set of two vials. 1.5 fl. oz & 0.3 oz.

Supreme Moisture Mask: This highly concentrated, yet lightweight moisturizing mask is the ultimate treatment for dehydrated and distressed skin. Grape and Damask rose waters combined with natural hyaluronic acid effectively restore moisture levels, while botanical squalene and betaine strengthen the skin’s barrier function. Anti-inflammatory chamomile extract reduces irritation and restore suppleness. Vitamin B3 revives skin tone, improves elasticity, and prevents moisture loss. 1.7 oz.

Supreme Polishing Treatment: This daily, adaptable treatment effectively removes impurities, gently sloughs away dead skin cells and infuses skin with highly nourishing ingredients—resulting in a more refined, revitalized, and radiant skin. Comprised of a separate enzyme complex and powder booster, the two are mixed together in any ratio before use, allowing day to day customization. Fermented acerola cherry, pomegranate, and radish root extracts gently lift away dead skin cells and combat free radicals. Rice and aloe vera powder soothes while jojoba beads buff. 

Vital Body Balm: This delicately scented balm is an intensely hydrating all-over body treatment. Rich in texture, but easily absorbed, it leaves skin soft to the touch. Our signature blend of avocado oil, shea butter, and olive oil-derived glycerin nourishes and moisturizes the epidermis, thus restoring skin smoothness and elasticity. Grape seed oil and vitamin E offer antioxidant protection. 5.1 oz.

Vital Eye Cream: This lightweight cream is ideal for reducing first signs of aging in the delicate skin around the eyes. Hyaluronic acid, known for its powerful hydrating action, and organic aloe vera help restore skin’s moisture levels and smooth out fine lines. A complex of shea butter, vitamin C, and vitamin E offers antioxidant protection. 15 ml.

Vital Facial Cream: This lightweight cream brings back the skin’s vitality and helps prevent and reduce first signs of aging. Formulated with hyaluronic acid, known for its powerful hydrating action, the cream restores the skin’s natural moisture levels. Botanical squalane, jojoba oil, and sweet almond oil nourish skin, leaving it smooth and supple. A complex of shea butter, vitamin C, and vitamin E offers antioxidant protection. Easily absorbed, this cream is ideal for under makeup or alone. 1 oz.

Vital Foaming Cleanser: This luxuriously creamy foaming cleanser meticulously removes dirt and makeup without stripping skin of its natural oils. Pomegranate enzyme and radish root extract gently and effectively remove impurities and slough away dead skin cells. Oat kernel extract and natural betaine offer powerful antioxidant protection and combat redness and irritation. Botanical glycerin helps maintain the skin’s natural moisture balance, leaving it smooth, supple and refreshed. 3.4 oz.

Vital Hand Cream: This luxuriously scented cream is the ideal rejuvenating treatment for hands. Formulated with botanical squalane, shea butter, grape seed and almond oils, the cream effectively restores the skin’s moisture levels and smooths out fine lines. A complex of vitamin E and white tea extract protects the skin against free radicals. An innovative tube, with an airless pump, protects the natural formula and makes this the perfect on-the-go hand cream. 1.7 oz.

Vital Unifier: Formulated with organic aloe vera and natural hyaluronic acid, the Unifier is tone, essence, and mist all in one. It infuses the skin with hydrating ingredients and enhances the performance of subsequent serums, oils, and moisturizers. Apple fruit water nourishes the skin while stimulating keratin growth, strengthening the skin’s barrier function. A complex of white tea, licorice root, and chamomile flower offers antioxidant protection while combatting irritation, unifying skin tone, boosting suppleness, and enhancing moisture retention. Also works as a refreshing mist and makeup fixer. 3.4 oz.