Odin Eau de Parfumes


These New York City curators of style offer a unique fragrance series designed with both women and men in mind. While consistency of form is demonstrated by the distinctive dark bottles, the fragrances themselves diverge, moving in directions that evoke a progression of travel and experience as indicated by the numbered labels. These scents mine time-honored fragrance traditions to arrive at modern interpretations.  3.4 fl. oz.

Please note that due to federal regulations, we are only able to ship fragrances via UPS ground.

01 Sunda: Under the spice trade routes comes an exotic wealth of rare scents. Sunda attracts rich notes of juniper berries and cedar leaves from the high regions of the Himalayan Mountains with mysterious Palmarosa and spicy black pepper. Lingering in the air is the warmth of tonka beans blended with the sultry seduction of sandalwoods from the West Indian shores. Top: Juniper Berries, Himalayan Cedar Leaves, Rich Bergamot. Middle: Mysterious Palmarosa, Spicy Black Pepper, Creamy Heliotrope. Bottom: Tonka Bean, West Indian Sandalwood, Grey Musk

02 Owari:  The scent of the rare mandarin from the Japanese province of Owari. Both transparent and vibrant, this fragrance is a complex citrus wood scent. Top: Owari Mandarin, Bright Green Bergamot, Grapefruit Leaves. Middle: Cubeb Pepper, Amyris Wood, Crisp Neroli. Bottom: Fresh Cut Cedarwood, Golden Amber, Tonkin Musk. 

03 Century: Inspired by ancient Cypress, Century is a modern interpretation of the Chypre family of scents. Complex in structure but simple in character, this fragrance leaves a warm mysterious alchemy of black musk and true amber. Top: Silver Birch, Earthy Cypress, Forest Mint. Middle: Smoky Vetiver, Liquid Myrrh, Subtle Patchouli. Bottom: Black Musk, Dry Oak Moss, True Amber. 

04 Petrana: Transported to a Jordanian desert landscape covered in blooming black iris comes a floral scent that reveals its dark complexion from earth to air. Top: Deep Purple Cassis, Pink Pepper, Herbaceous Coriander. Middle: Black Iris, Violet Lead Absolute, Garden Heliotrope. Bottom: Wild Orris Root, Earthy Vetiver, White Musk. 

06 Amanu: Combining tones from the Mediterranean and ancient Turkey, this fragrance evokes a lush earthy aroma. The invigorating jasmine mixes with the rustic cedar leaf and amberwood, creating an intricately layered scent with a beautiful balance of fresh, floral, and woodsy notes. Top: Blood Orange, Green Galbanum, Lentisque. Middle: Aged Cedarleaf, Jasmin Sambac, Magnolia. Bottom: Amberwood, sheer Musk, Live Moss. 

07 Tanoke: Amid the wilderness of coastal hinterland comes a woody blend grounded in soaring redwoods and warm musk. The core of Tanoke brings forth the balsamic resin of wet gaiacwood wrapped in smoky incense. Crisp black pepper, spicy ginger and bitter orange hover the surface with invigorating freshness. Top: Spicy Ginger, Bitter Orange, Black Pepper. Middle: Gaiacwood, Smoky Incense, Nutmeg. Bottom: Redwood, Patchouli, Black Musk.

08 Seylon: Harvested from the wild landscapes of Sri Lanka comes a scent that truly represents an authentic interpretation of pure vetiver. Seylon opens with the watery crispness of fresh yuzu followed by the tartness of bitter orange and bergamot. Middle notes of spicy nutmeg, resinous elemi and wormwood merge together with a rich base of warm benzoin, damp oakmoss and the soft earthiness of calming vetiver. Top: Fresh Yuzu, Bitter Orange, Bergamot. Middle: Spicy Nutmeg, Resinous Elemi, Wormwood. Bottom: Warm Benzoin, Damp Oakmoss, Calming Vetiver.

09 Posala: Through the rich heritage of the South comes a scent that's defined in blooming meadows, seaside gardens, and thriving orchards. Top: Pear Flower, Velvety Peach. Middle: Star Jasmine, Bourbon Accord, Orange Flower. Bottom: Perique Tobacco, Benzoin, Purple Iris, Amber. 

10 Roam: Roam lives in the pairing of shaded sands and wet forest. A relationship explored through the bittersweet smoothness of red saffron, crisp pepper leaf and wild coffee flower. Soft, smoky layers of Amazonian incense mixed with the rawness of dried coconut float between delicate notes of ginger lily and black ebony wood. Top: Bittersweet Saffron, Pepper Leaf. Middle: Ginger Lily, Wild Coffee Flower. Bottom: Coconut Milk, Ebony Wood, Incense Resin.

11 Semma: Semma is a collection of notes from distant lands veiled in mystery. a vibrant composition blended in discoveries of sweet tobacco leaf and warm myrrh. core spices of cinnamon bark and herbaceous clove intertwine within the brightness of fresh chili pepper. aged sandalwood and powdery tonka bean uncover a buoyancy both familiar and enduring. Top: Warm Myrrh, Fresh Chili Pepper. Middle: Cinnamon Bark, Herbaceous Clove. Bottom: Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Sweet Tobacco.