Proraso Products for Men


Founded in 1948, Proraso is Italy’s Numero Uno shaving cream, beloved by generations of men for its rich formula that makes shaving a pleasurable daily ritual. Today Proraso continues to evolve with new products that always harken back to the company’s core values: the use of natural ingredients, excellence in research, and respect for tradition. With its iconic barber-pole-striped packaging, Proraso delivers a close and refreshing shave each and every time. No parabens, artificial colors, silicones, or mineral oils.

Due to federal regulations, we are only able to ship fragrances via UPS ground.

Shave Cream: This concentrated and creamy soap contains eucalyptus oil to purify and tone and menthol to refresh and revitalize. Using Proraso's original fresh fragrance, this soap is suitable for all beard and skin-types. 5.1 oz.

Shave Soap: Refreshing shave soap in a bowl provides a cream lather to soften the skin for a close shave without nicks and cuts. Soft soap style, with eucalyptus to purify and tone. Glycerin moisturizes and soothes dry, rough skin. Features a fresh menthol scent. 5.1 oz.

Pre-Shave Cream: This pre-shave cream softens stubble while toning and protecting the skin for a perfect shave. Eucalyptus oil purifies and tones while menthol refreshes and revitalizes. 3.6 oz.

After Shave Lotion: Traditionally formulated with fresh and natural ingredients to cool and tone skin. Witch hazel reduces rashes and razor burn. Eucalyptus oil tones and purifies; for normal skin. 3.4 oz.

Beard Oil: Richly formulated to tame, smooth, soften, and protect beard hair. Scented with azur lime. 1 oz.

Wood & Spice Cologne: Bold and velvety, cedarwood and guaiacum combine with hints of cumin and saffron. Amber, violet leaves, and a slight hint of vanilla lend softening notes. 3.4 oz.




Design Origin Italy