Santa Maria Novella Fragrances


One of the world’s oldest pharmacies, Santa Maria Novella was founded in 1221 in Florence by the Dominican Friars who started making herbal remedies and potions to use in the monastery. Their reputation became world renowned and the pharmacy, sponsored by the Grand Duke of Tuscany, opened to the public in 1612. Today Santa Maria Novella still produces all its products in the Florentine region, where each batch is handmade and supervised according to age old recipes and artisan methods.

Pot Pourri Eau de Cologne: The fragrance of Santa Maria Novella’s historic pot pourri. Fresh, green, spicy. Top notes of citrus and lavender, heart notes of rosemary and red thyme, base notes of patchouli. 

Melograno Eau de Cologne: Santa Maria Novella’s pomegranate fragrance is a bouquet of sweet floral oriental notes. Top notes of floral and citrus, heart notes of powder, sweet oriental base notes.

Tabacco Toscano Eau de Cologne: Santa Maria Novella's tobacco fragrance takes its inspiration from the famous Tuscan cigar made by Manifattura di Lucca. A warm blend of woody oriental notes with smoky vanilla notes. Top notes of Calabrian bergamot and jasmine, heart notes of Tuscan tobacco leaves, birch leaves, and spices, base notes of cedar wood, vanilla, burnt malt.

Santa Maria Novella Perfume: The oldest and most famous fragrance of them all, it is the perfume that Catherine de’ Medici commissioned the Dominican monks to create in 1533, and she took it with her to France when she married Enrico di Valois. For this reason this fragrance is identified as a perfume rather than with a cologne. Top notes of Calabrian bergamot, Sicilian lemon, and neroli, middle notes of lavender, rosemary, base of sweet oriental notes.

The mold for the bottle is reminiscent of the glass bottles Santa Maria Novella has used over the last two centuries of its history, and it is used for all the other Santa Maria Novella colognes which have been created subsequently. Includes gold-toned spray atomizer

100ml / 3.3 fl.oz.

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Design Origin Italy