Yukine Towels


Japan produces bath towels of exceptional quality and Osaka-based Shinto is a leading maker. Like all Shinto towels, the Yukine towel undergoes their atozarashi refining method. This process takes place after the towel has been woven to remove any remaining starch and impurities from the fabric, in order to maximize the natural absorbency of the cotton. By using white cotton for the warp and dyed cotton for the weft, these towels are able to conjure visions of green grass or grey stone peeking out from beneath fallen snow. Japanese towels are typically thinner, lighter, and slightly smaller than Western towels—we find them to be exceptionally soft, absorbent and quick drying. 100% cotton.

Design Origin Japan
Dimensions 32.25" x 13"
Dimensions 47.25" x 23.5"