On the Mountain of the Stars: Burel Factory

On the Mountain of the Stars: Burel Factory

With one of the strongest textile industries in Europe, Portugal is known for its craftsmanship and expertise in producing high-quality apparel and home textiles. Burel Mountain Originals is one such small company, specializing in the production of burel, a traditional wool fabric.

Burel Looms

Burel was originally used by Portuguese shepherds to make cloaks and coats that kept them dry and warm in the field. The factory uses traditional machines (some dating from the 19th century) and techniques to make burel but reimagines the fabric in new and innovative ways for use in home goods and clothing. The pure wool used is sustainably and humanely sourced from local sheep flocks.

Burel Factory Looms
Located in the Serra de Estrela (“Mountain of the Stars”) region of central Portugal, Burel Mountain Originals is one of the last remaining factories in the area still in operation. Stabilized through new and visionary ownership, Burel Mountain Originals has helped to transform its home village of Mantiegas and strengthen the local economy.

Burel Factory Worker Female
In addition to the textile factory itself, Burel Mountain Originals has established not one but two excellent and rather luxurious hotels, both spectacularly sited to provide views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. We were fortunate for the opportunity to both tour the factory and stay at one of the hotels and we can attest that they’re well worth the trip to this somewhat off the beaten path part of Portugal.

Burel Hotel Exterior
Other attractions in the area include the Serra de Estrela Nature Park, Portugal’s largest preserved natural area, and the highest point in the country at 6,539 feet above sea level. There’s even a ski hill, which comes as something of a surprise in a country more commonly associated with golden beaches and sweeping plains. If you go, don’t forget to try the excellent local sheep’s cheese which is famous throughout Portugal.

Burel Fabric Mix
We’re delighted to partner with this inspiring and thoughtful brand, offering their throw blankets in patterns and colors that range from subtle and sophisticated to colorful and folkloric.

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