• Stoneware Soap Pump - Foaming Dispenser

Stoneware Soap Pump - Foaming Dispenser


Liquid soaps are undeniably handy, but the plastic containers that they come in usually leave something to be desired in both aesthetic and environmental terms. This sturdy stoneware soap pump is a handsome and eco-friendly upgrade: finished with a crisp, glossy white glaze, they complement any décor.

The Foaming version uses a cleverly designed pump dispenser that creates copious amounts of creamy, fine textured foam from diluted soap and saves money in the process. Ideal for use with natural castile soaps (like Dr. Bronner's) - just add a good squirt of soap to the container and fill with tap water. 15 fl. oz.

Design Origin Japan
Dimensions 7.5" H X 3.75" Ø