• Hotel Chelsea

Hotel Chelsea

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Living in the Last Bohemian Haven

An immersive photographic tour of New York City's legendary Chelsea Hotel, whose residents share their stories and reveal the delirious history of this landmark. Born during the Gilded Age, the twelve-story landmark has long been a magnet for artists, writers, musicians, and cultural provocateurs of all stripes. In this book, photographer Colin Miller and writer Ray Mock intimately portray the enduring bohemian spirit of the Chelsea Hotel through interviews with nearly two dozen current residents and richly detailed photographs of their unique spaces. As documented in Miller's abundant photographs, these apartments project the quirky decorating sensibilities of urban aesthetes who largely work in film, theater, and the visual arts. A fascinating portrait of a strand of resilient bohemian New Yorkers and their creative, deeply idiosyncratic homes, Hotel Chelsea is a rich visual and narrative document of a cultural destination as complicated as it is mythical.

Author(s): Colin Miller, Ray Mock

Hardcover, 256 pages, 9.75 x 11.85"