• Garliki Fermented Garlic Paste

Garliki Fermented Garlic Paste


Garliki is a unique product that goes well beyond typical minced garlic in a jar. Created by two Portland entrepreneurs with a background in cider and beer making, Garliki is made using a special fermentation process that not only enhances the flavor but helps naturally preserve the garlic. Conversely, pre-minced often contains high levels of citric acid or other preservatives. Garliki is made from high-quality, USA grown garlic, with a touch of lime juice as an acidifier, resulting in a rich, complex flavor profile. The product is incredibly versatile and can be used in a wide variety of dishes, adding a depth of flavor that pre-minced garlic simply can't replicate. Try it as a base for Caesar-style salad dressing, smear it on a steak before grilling, or mix it with a little olive oil to toss vegetables in before roasting or grilling.