Bird Silo


A bird feeder for the modern yard, made from 100% recycled plastic. Helsinki-based bird enthusiasts Mika & Julie Tolvanen designed Bird Silo as the debut product for their new company Pidät.

The design evolved from studying the eating habits of birds for several years by feeding them from prototypes at their dining room window (while eating their own breakfast). The feeder’s size and shape were chosen specifically for small songbirds and woodpeckers who prefer to eat while clinging vertically. Bird Silo is designed to function like a grain silo. You lift the top cone, pour in seeds, and the feeder fills from the bottom up.

The thoughtful design is complimented by thoughtful materials. Bird Silo is made from durable polypropylene that comes from 100% upcycled post-consumer waste plastic containers and washing machine parts. The raw material for the recycled polyester rope comes from 100% upcycled post-consumer waste plastic bottles, and it is colored using a water-free dying process. The metal parts are stainless steel, designed to withstand the elements gracefully. Camp Green color.

Design Origin Mika & Julie Tolvanen, Finland
Dimensions 7" Ø x 9" H