Polished Pewter Flask


The basic design of the hip flask dates back to the Victorian era, but the idea of a high-proof pocket companion has timeless appeal. This sleek, polished version is crafted in Sheffield, England, the historical center of British metalworking, by a manufacturer who has been producing metal goods since 1877. Rendered in pewter (a lead-free tin alloy), the rounded shape won’t catch on clothing, so it’s a breeze to slip it in and out of your pocket whenever you want a little fortification during the Big Game or on a chilly hike. The stamped “touchmarks” on each flask indicate their quality and craft heritage. Screw-on cap, not for carbonated beverages, hand wash only. 5.5 oz. / 163 ml capacity.
Design Origin England
Dimensions 5.3" H x 3.5" W x 0.8" D