Adonde Dinnerware Collection - Small Serving Bowl


The return of a contemporary classic. This dinnerware collection was originally designed and produced in France, and quickly became a customer and CANOE favorite when we introduced it in 2012. After being out of production for several years, it’s back—this time produced in Portugal, a country with a long and distinguished history of ceramics production.

Adonde dinnerware takes a modular approach to serving and enjoying food. The series of plates and bowls can be used on their own or combined to create lidded containers. Based on a simple cylindrical shape, the stackable forms are ideal for a variety of table settings. Made from durable stoneware, the translucent glaze allows the color of the clay body to peek through, for a softer, almost rustic effect that highlights food beautifully. Small variations in the glazes add to the distinction of these pieces.

Dishwasher, microwave and oven safe.

As lids: Salad Plate fits Small Serving Bowl.

Design Origin Laurent Serin & Javier Gutierrez Carcache, France
Dimensions 7.5" Ø x 3" H