Bender Canisters


Designed and made in Portland, these elegant yet functional canisters are far too beautiful to stash away in a pantry. Made of unglazed porcelain, the canisters accommodate a generous volume of essential dry goods which are then kept fresh and dry with the hand turned, solid walnut tops. Thoughtful details include the gentle rounded feet that elevate the canisters slightly off the countertop, and the angle openings. The solid brass bar which bisects the opening is designed for neatly leveling off scoops of ingredients. The design and quality of these canisters elevates them above the strictly utilitarian to become the striking finishing touch to a modern kitchen.

Large canister capacity 18 cups; small canister capacity 11 cups.

Design Origin Peter Valois, USA
Dimensions 13.25" H X 7" Ø
Dimensions 10.5" H x 7" Ø