• Cast Iron Teapot

Cast Iron Teapot

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We were fortunate for the opportunity to visit Iwachu Ironworks, located in northern Japan's Morioka City, the historical center of the craft of nambu-tekki (cast iron). Finished with a special lacquer known as urushi, this cast iron teapot stood out to us from the dozens of styles available for its beautifully proportioned simplicity. Each piece is cast by hand by skilled craftsmen who spend years refining their technique. The molds can only be used for a limited period of time before they break down and must be created again—by hand of course. Cast iron has exceptional heat-retaining properties, making your last cup of tea as enjoyable as the first. Designed for brewing tea (not for stovetop use), it comes with an integrated stainless steel tea strainer. 0.9 L capacity.

Design Origin Japan
Dimensions 7"L x 6"H x 6"ø