David Mellor Kitchen Knives - Black Handle Collection


David Mellor is a designer and metalsmith most famous for his cutlery designs, produced and immaculately hand finished in Sheffield, England, for more than half a century. His son, Corin Mellor, serves as Creative Director of his father's company and is a product designer in his own right. This distinctive range of knives feature black acetal resin handles with full length tangs and an internal backweight that provides exceptional balance. The high carbon stainless steel blades are hot drop forged and then ice hardened to minus 112 degrees, which stabilizes the metallurgical structure of the steel, for an extremely hard and durable blade.
length 13.5"
Length 12"
length 14"
length 12"
length 5.5"
length 8"
length 14.5"
length 10"
Length 7.75"
Length 9.88"
Dimensions 11"