De Buyer Mineral B PRO - Frypan 9.5"


Home cooks are increasingly aware of the benefits of carbon steel pans, which are used by professional chefs worldwide. These classically styled pans, made in France, are made from 99% pure iron, 1% carbon. Guaranteed to contain no added chemicals or coatings, over time and with use, the pans darken and become naturally stick-resistant. Each pan is sealed in a coat of natural beeswax that protects against oxidization and assists with the seasoning process.

Ideal for frying, sautéing, searing, and grilling, even at high heat, the pans are suitable for all cooking surfaces including induction cooktops. The double-riveted, polished cast stainless steel handle features the "French Curve" form, which places the pan's center of gravity lower than the hand, increasing stability and ease of handling. The handle also features a heat stop cutout (to reduce heat transfer). Fully oven safe. Hand wash only in hot water, dry thoroughly before storing.

Design Origin France
Dimensions 9.5" Ø; 6.9" Ø cooking surface; Weight 3 lbs.