• Edward Wohl Cutting Board - 8.5" x 13"

Edward Wohl Cutting Board - 8.5" x 13"


Made from specially selected, solid bird’s-eye maple, these cutting boards are precision shaped and beveled to perfection in the Edward Wohl Woodworking & Design Studio. Each board is then individually hand sanded and oiled for a silky finish. Their graceful aesthetics might lead one to view them as art pieces to be displayed, but their real beauty comes with use: their durable hardwood construction will stand up to daily use, needing only minimal care. If you simply can’t bear to cut on them, they make beautiful boards for presenting charcuterie. As a natural material, wood grain patterns will vary from piece to piece.

Edward Wohl (1942-2023), a renowned American craftsman, spent over half a century designing and crafting award-winning studio furniture. His work is characterized by graceful design, seamless joinery, and an ultra-smooth natural finish that highlights the natural warmth and beauty of wood. His bird’s-eye maple cutting boards are appreciated for their harmonious blend of form and function. His philosophy was simple: create functional pieces that are not only beautiful but also a joy to touch and behold. Edward Wohl’s legacy lives on in the studio he set up with his wife Ann, in the rolling hills of southwest Wisconsin, where his designs are still produced today.

Design Origin Edward Wohl, USA
Dimensions 8.5" W x 13" L