• Edwin Jagger Safety Razor - Rubber Coated

Edwin Jagger Safety Razor - Rubber Coated


Based in England's "Cutlery Capital" of Sheffield, Edwin Jagger makes top-quality, hand-crafted shaving accessories in the classic British tradition. Impeccably designed and beautifully crafted, the razors and brushes make the daily task of shaving a pleasure.

The classic double-sided safety razor offers a more environmentally sound alternative to cartridge style razors, and you’ll be delighted at the cost of the blades, which are a fraction of their cartridge counterparts. Ensures a shave that is both luxurious and effective. Collar and blade head are hard chrome plated for durability, resilient shine, and easy cleaning. The steel handle has a ribbed black rubber coating for a steady grip, even when wet. For use with standard two-sided razor blades, includes a single Feather brand razor blade.

Design Origin England
Dimensions 3.625" L