Ildhane Candle Holder


With an expressive shape reminiscent of a bird, the Ildhane Candle Holder lends its distinctive presence to any tabletop. Made of solid cast iron through a complex casting process, it is carefully hand finished in Poland by skilled craftspersons. A matte powder coated finish competes the production. This was the first design produced under the Nedre Foss brand and we think it has all the makings of a classic. Candles are not included.

Nedre Foss is a Norwegian brand that produces sustainable housewares rooted in Scandinavian design traditions, yet which are resolutely fresh and new. Their design philosophy is rooted in the concept of the Century Product, that is, products that serve you for at least 100 years, with their function achieved through the ideal balance between sculptural qualities and utility.

Design Origin Anderssen & Voll for Nedre Foss, Norway
Dimensions 5.5" H