Kaikado Precious Boxes - X Small


Established in 1875 in Kyoto, Kaikado is a small, family run company that has been producing chazutsu (tea canisters) by hand since their inception. Elegantly functional, each cylindrical canister is produced in a process that involves anywhere between 130 to 140 steps. Drawing on their craft expertise, Kaikado recently created this limited series of “precious boxes” that are intended to store small items of special value. Constructed natural brass or copper, the metals are intentionally left unlacquered. Over time, their finishes will darken to a rich patina that is unique to each piece. The lid is crafted from hand turned Japanese cedar which contrasts beautifully with the metal. Each piece is subtly hand stamped with the Kaikado name.
Design Origin Japan
Dimensions 1.77" H x 3" Ø