Korbo Bin 18 Basket - Acid Proof Steel


A beautiful and timeless utility characterizes these handmade wire baskets that originate from early 1920s Sweden and are still handcrafted today. They were created for fishermen, gardeners, and anyone else who needed highly durable carrying and storage abilities that would not be compromised by wind, water, or weather.

The same hand construction technique has been used for more than 80 years, in which each wire is bent around a loop wire without welding points, making the form self-supportive from every angle. The basket is constructed acid-proof steel. Not be confused with common ‘stainless steel’ (which despite its name can actually rust), acid-proof steel contains precious metals throughout the alloy which make it truly 100% stainless, remaining shiny and lustrous throughout years of service--even outdoors. 18 L.

Design Origin Sweden
Dimensions 13.4" H x 11.8 Ø