LEUCHTTURM1917 Classic Pen Loop - Black


Nothing beats putting pencil (or pen) to paper when documenting thoughts, developing ideas, or sketching concepts, so why not use the proper tools to do so? A family firm now in its fourth generation, Leuchtturm has been producing quality stationery since 1917. The brand is distinguished by a focus on thoughtful details that make the products a pleasure to use, and a colorful palette that pleases the eye.

Their pen loop is a great addition to any Leuchtturm notebook, or other notebook of your choice. Made of a strong textile elastic band, it is suitable for all thicknesses, from graphite pencils and fountain pens to thick wax crayons. It is self-adhesive so it can be easily attached to the back of a book, and you can carry your favorite pen on your notebook at all times.

(Pen Loop only; notebook and pen are sold separately).

Design Origin Germany