• Musgo Real Shaving Bowl & Soap - Classic Scent

Musgo Real Shaving Bowl & Soap - Classic Scent

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First created as a fragrance in 1936, Musgo Real has evolved into a distinctive men’s range with classic allure and a truly Portuguese identity. The Musgo Real fragrance combines fresh neroli and bergamot, soft lavender and violet, and wood, vetiver and musk. The result in an enduring and timeless classic. 4.4 oz

The Musgo Real Shaving Bowl & Soap is the ideal accessory for a traditional shave. Made from 100% stainless steel, it’s the perfect fit for the Musgo Real Shaving Soap. This soap produces a rich and luxurious lather, that effectively softens the hairs to allow for smoother and easier razor glide, also helping to minimize the risk of inflammation and redness.

Design Origin Portugal