• Oval Enameled Cast Iron Cocotte

Oval Enameled Cast Iron Cocotte


Much awarded German designer Richard Sapper created this beautiful oval cocotte (Dutch oven) for Alessi. It is meticulously crafted from cast iron, which provides a moderate and stable transfer of heat, making it the ideal pot for preparing braised meats, stews, and other long cooked dishes. The generous size and oval shape can accommodate a whole fowl or leg of lamb. The handsome matte black enameled finish and graceful shape takes the pot directly from cooktop or oven to the table for an appealing presentation. Sturdy oversized looped handles and a weighty, tight-fitting lid round out this kitchen workhorse. Induction cooktop compatible.
Design Origin Richard Sapper, Germany
Dimensions 12 1/2" L x 9" W x 4 1/2" H. 6 quart capacity.