• Pinza Cord Holder

Pinza Cord Holder


Unplug your cell phone, laptop, or any other electronic device and its a sure fire guarantee that the cord will go snaking off the tabletop and on to the floor. Its annoying and doubly so when you end up on hands and knees reaching behind the furniture to make a retrieval. Designed by a Portland-based firm, this good-looking and ingenious little device keeps cords in place and is easy to use: slide the black band on the right side off and run your cords through. To adjust the amount of cord you need, just pull on the cord. The Pinza will rotate up allowing the cord to slide through. When you stop pulling, it will rotate back down, pinning the cord between the Pinza and the surface its on and holding it in place. Made of solid, hand finished steel.
Design Origin USA
Dimensions 2.25"L; holds 3-4 cords