Postalco Snap Pads - A5


These handy and stylish Snap Pads from cult Tokyo brand Postalco are refillable notepaper covers. To use, combine them with Snap Pad A4 / A5 punched paper refills or the Snap Memo inserts (both sold separately). They're perfect for sketching out ideas, making To-Do lists, or jotting down meeting notes. Hand made in Japan, they are wrapped in pressed cotton fabric. The snaps at the top are subtly adorned with the Postalco logo—a stylized carrier pigeon.

*You can also use an adjustable or European/Asian standard two-hole punch to make your own paper refills with or punch other paper items for inserting such as maps, calendars, photos, etc. for ultimate personalization and utility. European/Asian two-hole punches place the holes slightly wider than US models. They, and adjustable hole punches, are available online from various sources.

Takes punched 5.5" x 8.5" paper (standard 8.5" x 11" cut in half)

Design Origin Japan
Dimensions 9" L x 6.25" W