Sammu Candle Snuffer


Inspired by a piece of stemmed fruit, the Sammu Candle Snuffer functions as a small table sculpture as well as a functional object. The intuitive, pleasing form invites you to pick it up, the object is both new and somehow familiar. Made from solid cast brass in Norway, the surface is completely matte. Over time the brass will darken and develop a richer patina. Leave it as-is or polish it occasionally to maintain its brightness. 

Nedre Foss is a Norwegian brand that produces sustainable housewares rooted in Scandinavian design traditions, yet which are resolutely fresh and new. Their design philosophy is rooted in the concept of the Century Product, that is, products that serve you for at least 100 years, with their function achieved through the ideal balance between sculptural qualities and utility.

Design Origin Julie & Mika Tolvanen for Nedre Foss, Norway
Dimensions 3.25" H x 1.3" Ø