• Santa Maria Novella - Foot Cream

Santa Maria Novella - Foot Cream


One of the world’s oldest pharmacies, Santa Maria Novella was founded in 1221 in Florence by the Dominican Friars who started making herbal remedies and potions to use in the monastery. Their reputation became world renowned and the pharmacy, sponsored by the Grand Duke of Tuscany, opened to the public in 1612. Today Santa Maria Novella still produces all its products in the Florentine region, where each batch is handmade and supervised according to age old recipes and artisan methods. 100 ml / 3.38 fl. oz.

Foot Cream: This refreshing and invigorating foot cream (Crema Pedestre) contains camphor and menthol, which provides a cooling and toning effect that promotes natural microcirculation and relieves fatigued legs and feet. The emollient formula, containing phytosqualene (derived from olive oil) and menthol lactate, moisturizes and leaves the skin smooth. Paraben free.

Design Origin Italy