Sashiko Blue Kitchen Towels

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These strikingly beautiful kitchen towels from Japan are embellished with the traditional embroidery known as sashiko. Dating from the Edo period (1615-1868), sashiko was originally used to reinforce home spun cloth. Today, it lends a pleasing decorative element in addition to fulfilling its original function. In crisp white or bright Japanese indigo blue, the pure cotton towels are highly absorbent and very soft—ideal for drying even your most delicate glassware.

Made in the Imabari region, which has been recognized for over 120 years as the center of fine towel production in Japan. Imabari towels are produced using the exceptionally pure water from the area, which is free from impurities. This pure water in turn makes the towels soft and absorbent. All Imabari towels earn their designation in part by passing the Five Second Rule: when placed on the surface of water, the towels must sink within five seconds, as proof of their absorbent properties.

Machine wash gentle cycle only, tumble dry on low heat or line dry.

Design Origin Japan
Dimensions 13.3" W x 31.4" L