• Situla Copper Watering Can

Situla Copper Watering Can


Carefully crafted by Austrian coppersmiths, this exceptionally handsome watering can is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The long, slender spout waters houseplants with precision. In the garden, the water flow won't overwhelm delicate seedlings or tender young plants. Rust-proof copper is naturally antibacterial and has long been used to improve water quality. The watering can finish can be polished occasionally to maintain its shine or allowed to mellow with time and use to a rich, dark patina. Copper is a relatively soft metal--in order to keep the watering can watertight and in its original shape, do not allow water to freeze in the watering can during the winter months (indoor storage is recommended).
Design Origin Austria
Dimensions 3.5" Ø x 10.6" H (with handle) x 15" L (with spout)