Tetoca Natural Wood Chopsticks


Made by a longstanding Japanese manufacturer whose sole focus is the production of chopsticks, each pair is made from a different type of fruit tree wood: Chestnut, Persimmon, Mandarin, Plum and Peach. The woods are obtained from trees that are no longer producing fruit and would have otherwise been cut down and discarded.

Finished with a natural beeswax finish (rather than traditional lacquer or chemical coatings), the chopsticks are octagonal shaped at the top for a comfortable grip and to keep them from rolling off the table. The small, square shape at the bottom allows for easy gripping of food. If you’re used to using disposable chopsticks, you’ll immediately feel the difference between those rather blunt instruments and these finely tuned chopsticks.

Hand wash only. Due to the use of natural wood, variations in grain and color are characteristic.

Design Origin Japan
Dimensions 9" L