• Valobra Gift Box Set

Valobra Gift Box Set


Carefully handcrafted in Genoa, Italy, Valobra soaps are the result of a 100 year company tradition of soap making. The high quality ingredients are combined by a master soapmaker and then aged for two months to complete the saponification process and harden the bar. Each soap is specially formulated to provide a different type of support for the skin; their ergonomic shape and delightfully nostalgic packaging add to the experience. Dermatologically tested, paraben-free, and cruelty-free. Gift Box Set contains one 1.6 oz. bar of each soap. 

Pratolina: Almond oil and lecithin make this soap ideal for all skin types. The pleasant scent of wildflowers is an Alpine dreamscape, which fades into wood and resin notes.

Assoluta: Infused with shea butter cream for soft, velvety skin. A powdery fragrance with aromatic notes of geranium and rose on a foundation of patchouli. 

Lattuga: Corn oil cream and lettuce extract provide gentle, cleansing and makeup removal. A fresh and delicate fragrance, with the soft touch of lavender and notes of white musk and powder. 

Reseda: Wheat germ oil cream provides moisture to all skin types, especially during dry winter months. A comforting scent of light and fresh lavender, with a slight sweetness.

Primula: Rice oil cream and vitamins make this super-fatted soap exceptionally gentle, it's even suitable for baby's skin. The light fragrance combines primrose petals and aromatic lavender and geranium.

Design Origin Italy